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Pick Up/Drop Off

Student drop off for Pre-K and K:

Pre-K and kindergarten students are dropped off on the west side of the school building. Parents enter the circle drive and wait to unload until instructed by the school staff. Students enter the building at the cafeteria door.  

Student drop off for grades 1-5:

There are three lanes at the entry to the school drive. Parents of students in grades one through five are to use lane three (the lane on the left) only. Students are let out at the cross walk and should exit the car on the driver's side. Students are only allowed to cross using the crosswalk when instructed by a Clinton West staff member. After crossing, students are to walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk to the gym doors.  

Student pick up for Pre-K and K:

At dismissal time, Pre-K and K students and their siblings will go to the cafeteria. Students will be dismissed through the west doors of the cafeteria. Parents will pull into the circle drive and wait for their students to come out. For safety purposes, parents are prohibited from parking along the street and walking up to get their students.  

Student pick up for grades 1-5:

Students in grades one through five will be picked up at the gym doors. All cars picking up these students will wait in the line extending west on 41st street.  When all of the buses are gone, the line will progress to the gym doors using lane one (the lane to the right). Students will exit through the doors when called and they will be directed to their car by a Clinton West staff member. Parents are not to park in the parking lot and walk up to get their students.  


Clinton West Elementary
2224 West 41st Street
Tulsa, OK 74107

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