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Find It Fast

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Alice Gregory

Jennifer Hedrick


Elizabeth Cochran

Gayla Papke

Angela Statum

First grade

Sara Fleming

Christy Pinney

Alexandra Quigley

Melissa Simon

Second grade

Randy Birr

Lois Bristow


Third grade

Sarah Cochran

Starla Thomas

Lynne Waters

Fourth grade

John Herd

Karen Romero

Fifth grade

Christopher Henry

Diane Stotts

Danielle Young

Principal's Secretary

Jan Stewart

Attendance Clerk

Julia Stoddard


Jo Lynn Sanders

Reading Interventionist

Sherri Walker

Library Media Specialist

Lori Young


Vann Meade


Gwen Climpson

Gifted and Talented

Sharon Hatfield

Exceptional Student Services

Mary Barker

Christie Barnes

Micah Davis

Melissa Falk

Matthew Seabourn

Michelle Walker

Health Assistant

Lori Rippe

Speech Pathologist

Terri Guillory

Parent Facilitator

Amy Castellanos

Mrs. Hatfield and Mrs. Davis posing for a picture in the hall
Mrs. Cochran and Mrs. Walker in the front office