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The Spirit of Giving

The Clinton West community embodies the west side pride and taking care of their own. The school houses the Reading Partner program, and one volunteer went out of her way to make sure each student has a blanket this winter. 

Connie Sullivent was reading with her partner one session and noticed she was exhausted. She asked the girl why she was tired, and the girl told her, “they kept taking my blanket.” 

The student was referring to her siblings, which inspired Connie to spring into action.  

“I just wanted her to have her own blanket,” said Connie. “Everybody needs a blanket. To sit in a chair and read a book with, watch TV, or to snuggle with your mom or dad. I felt for the kids.” 

Connie took to Facebook in pursuit of assistance in her goal. She received more support than expected. In fact, she received help from friends in multiple states, including Nevada, Missouri, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

One of her friends works for a private school in Pennsylvania, which donated over 70 blankets to Clinton West. Another friend that attends Harvest Church in Sand Springs contacted Connie and told her they would give the remaining blankets. 

The church donated over 130 blankets and also donated bags with hats, gloves, and candy canes to each student. 

“It wasn’t me; it was all the people that gave,” said Connie. “It’s so overwhelming! I’m so grateful we reached our goal.”  

Melissa Vowell is the Parent Involvement Facilitator at Clinton West. She coordinated the distribution of the blankets. She shared the school’s gratitude for such a significant donation

“We have so many needs at this school. Ms. Connie and her partners were so gracious in filling one of them,” said Melissa. “A blanket means a good night’s sleep. If you have to share a blanket and people are tugging it, you can’t get a good sleep. This causes students to be tired and not able to focus on learning correctly.”  

Connie’s blanket drive collected over 410 blankets, enough to give each student at the school their own. 

Clinton West is always doing its best to provide for its student’s needs. There a significant need for uniform pants, shoes, and basic hygienic necessities. 

To donate, please contact Parent Facilitator Melissa Vowell.