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Holiday Surprise

Clinton West staff are missing their students and are looking forward to a return to in-person learning. They understand that the students still have needs outside of education and are dedicated to ensuring those needs are met. Also, they want to be sure that once students can safely return to school, they are geared up and prepared.

Before the school year began, Walmart at 81st and Lewis gave Clinton West $1,000 to use on school supplies. Principal Stephaine Fox and her team used that funding to purchase over 400 backpacks for the students. The idea was to provide them to students whenever school started or use them as packaging for Winter Break gifts. 

With in-person learning put on hold due to the pandemic, those plans didn't quite pan out as projected. The Clinton West team led by Parent Facilitator Melissa Vowell partnered with Carbondale Assembly of God and one of the school's Reading Partners, Connie Sullivent, to provide each student with a special holiday surprise. 

Mrs. Vowell, Mrs. Graughberger, PTA president, and the teachers contacted all of the students' families and got shoe sizes. Connie bought a blanket for each child along with a candy cane, which she does for students every year. The school also provided students with new books to read.

The team bundled these items into the backpacks, and Mrs. Vowell set up the drive through event for Wednesday, December 17. Due to inclement weather and winter break, the event was postponed until January 6. It was well worth the wait as the turnout was amazing! The line of cars went around the Clinton West parking lot, down 41st street, and curled around the corner. They handed out more than 200 bags. 

"It was so exciting to see everybody and all the enthusiasm from our family and kids. This event was more than a giveaway; it was a social connection during a time when we are craving those connections due to the pandemic," said Principal Fox.

If you still need to collect your student's bag, please call the main office at 918-746-8670. 

Please click here to check out photos of the event on Flickr.